What it's like to have morning sickness

What it's like to have morning sickness

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Oh, yes. I had morning sickness all the time until I think I was close to delivering him. Nothing helped with the morning sickness. I went to the doctor and they tried to give me some medication. And nothing really helped and I really don’t want to be medicated too much too, so I just dealt with it.


In one of the few ways I was ever textbook, I had first trimester morning sickness up until 12 weeks exactly for each pregnancy. So, I was so excited when I was at week 11 and a half going, “Yes. I’ve got a few more days and it’s going to get better.” And sure enough, boom.


I had a little bit of morning sickness. Mostly nausea which is just sort of a perpetual nausea, which can kind of—it wears you down. It’s almost depressing. To miss your favorite foods because I’m a fan of eating. My husband is too and so food is an important part of our life. So, to know that like, “Oh, man. He wants to go get burgers, but I can’t look at a burger from across the room.” My nausea was helped by ginger. They had some really great ginger hard candies that I think helped and peppermint tea.


I had morning sickness I felt for almost my entire pregnancy except the last trimester. But I never threw up.


I had morning sickness once I hit 16 or 17 weeks and that lasted until maybe 30 weeks.

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