Tour the hospital or birth center (ep. 40)

Tour the hospital or birth center (ep. 40)

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Check out the place where you're going to give birth. A tour gives you a chance to get your questions answered and become more comfortable with the setting.

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Linda Murray: There are plenty of things you can’t know in advance about your labor experience, but one thing you can do is have some familiarity with your birth setting. If you take a little time during pregnancy to visit the place where you’ll give birth, you’ll know more about what to expect that day, which can boost your confidence. Most hospitals and birth centers welcome visits from expectant parents. Many hospitals offer tours of the labor and delivery unit at designated times. On your tour, you’ll find out where to park, enter, and check in, including afterhours. You see the labor and delivery rooms and the recovery rooms, and get a peek at the well-baby nursery. You can also ask questions about the hospital’s policies and services.

Watch the video: Froedtert Hospital Birth Center Virtual Tour (July 2022).


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