Write a letter to your baby

Write a letter to your baby

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Susana: To our little baby boy…

Rob: Dear baby zygote…

Michelle: Dear baby number three…

Amy: We are so excited to meet you.

Michelle: You're coming into a good group here.

Paolo: We are so happy about your arrival into the family.

Amy: We've been getting ready for your arrival.

Susana: And it feels like I already know you a little.

Joel: Your big sister will adore you and your older brother will love having someone to be able to show the ropes to.

Michelle: I promise to try and always make our family and each individual member someone that you can count on.

Amy: We can't wait to introduce you to all the wonderful places, people, activities, and adventures in our world.

Rob: For taking you to see nature and art and the coolest spots on our globe to listening to music, reading you stories, and having you read them to us too.

Michelle: I promise to try and keep us focused on the journey rather than the destination.

Susana: Know that we'll always be here for you, and we'll always try to guide you and offer you the best support and the best experiences we can.

Michelle: To you I promise to love you unconditionally always.

Paolo: And we will try to give you the right tools to help you become a great man one day.

Amy: We know you will teach us so many things too.

Susana: We may not be perfect, but we love you with no end.

Amy: Just a few more weeks until the big day.

Susana: Love you always.

Michelle: I love you beyond forever.

Amy: Love, Mom and Dad.

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