Dinner routine: Nesting Story (Episode 2)

Dinner routine: Nesting Story (Episode 2)

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Joanna: Okay, some art is happening here.

We've got, like, eyes and eyelashes and a little smile.

And eyes.

It's very creative, Beau.

Beau: Hair.

I made the little hair.

Joanna: That's very cool.

Now you just need to eat and then we'll be all good.

Hey, everyone, it's Joanna.

So today I wanted to share with you one of our dinnertime routines.

We actually have a few different dinner times that work for our family of six.

And this is one that we kind of, we figured this one out when we were in survival mode, which I think a lot of families go through when you first have a baby.

This is something we started to do, I would say, once we had our twins. So our third and fourth kids.

It was partly so that our kids could – it was chaotic during dinnertime – and then so my husband, Mike, and I could have dinner together in the evening and really enjoy each other's company, almost like a date at home.

So what we would do: I would give our kids their dinner first and earlier on, then we get the kids to bed, and then Mike and I would barbecue a really delicious dinner. And I would sit outside with Mike while he barbecued, catch up on the day with a glass of wine, and then we'd have our dinner in peace and quiet inside, sometimes watching our favorite show and sometimes just chatting, just catching up, without any kids interrupting, and eating a hot meal all at one sitting.

So temporarily for a couple years, Mike had actually a really long commute, so this was something we had to do quite often.

We almost did this every night. And we rarely had family meals, and that was starting to really bother me – that we weren't having family meals – and I thought, “Oh, no,” like “I'm failing our kids.”

But then, once we got the commute figured out, and the kids got a bit older, we were able to –

I hear kids.

Real life is happening right now.

Before getting dinner started, here's a little look back at how dinners in our home have evolved.

Joanna: I started to get into the habit of cooking dinner for the big kids and the babies before I go to pick them up, just so it's ready.

Mike works late, temporarily, so it's not like we can wait for him to come home anyways. They're too hungry, and they were snacking too much until it was time for dinner.

So I've switched it around: They eat dinner right away and then they have some snacks.

Tonight, I'm just doing some, I'm cooking some frozen meatballs, and then we're gonna have some whole-wheat pasta and some spinach sauce, for both the babies and the older kids. And then my awesome nanny whipped up a batch of homemade granola bars with chia seeds.

I'll definitely post that on my blog soon.

It's superfast. I taught it to her, and now she's been making that for me once a week, which is so nice.

And, most important, my second coffee of the day – sometimes I have three coffees a day.

It's time for me to have my coffee, a granola bar, and take a rest.

Joanna: Whoever is staying the quietest gets their dinner first.

Mia is the last man standing.

Hi, Mia!

Hi, hi!

You gonna play the crawling game with us?

Joanna: So once Mike's really long commute ended, we were able to start having family meals.

It took a little while for everyone to get used to the family meals and not have constant meltdowns.

Now we're having family meals about three or four times a week, and then one or two days we will do this type of meal.

It's Friday and everyone is very tired and very hungry. And there's just no way that we can expect our kids to really sit down and have a nice, calm family meal. So this is one of those nights.

Mike is actually hanging out with the kids in the other room, and I'm gonna get the kids' dinner on the table. And then Mike and I are gonna do our dinner later.

Now a couple tips and tricks I've learned with kids with dinner, and especially to get them to eat a variety of food – and we have notorious picky eaters.

These are really, really good tricks to get them to explore food more: One of them is to just create, like, a buffet.

Put all the food out on the table and let them serve themselves.

Half the time they don't eat it, but I actually have found, ever since I've started to do that, especially our big kids have started eating way more vegetables and types of food, and being much more adventurous.

And I think it's just the control thing, being able to choose what they want.

They'd much more prefer to eat it than me deciding what goes on their plate and how much and telling them what they have to eat.

So that's one trick I've learned.

The other one is our daughter Beau was becoming a very picky eater about a year ago, and I was at a loss.

I tried so many things, I couldn't figure out what to do. And I spoke to her teacher at school, and she told me to just give her two options each night: Do you want dinner or do you want a snack plate? And to have a healthy snack plate in mind for her, with all the food groups, that's something that she'd like, and just not get into a fight about it and just make it very simple and straightforward.

And ever since I started taking the pressure off of all of us, she's actually started to choose to eat dinners, the same ones that we eat, more often than not.

Joanna: Okay, so for the kids' dinner today, we're doing fajitas.

We've got some leftover steak, which I have a feeling Holden will be the only one that eats that, some shredded cheese, some whole-wheat tortilla wraps, and some cut-up peppers and cucumbers.

Okay, dinner, guys!

Ooh, what do you want for that Holden?

Everly: Pita! Pita!

Joanna: Okay, okay, okay, I know.

Holden: Did you say pizza?

Okay, have your pizza.

Mia: Pita.

Mike: It's like hamburger. Do you want a piece of hamburger?

Beau: It's steak.

Mike: It's like hamburger. Do you want a piece of hamburger?

Holden: It's not like hamburger, though do you want a piece of hamburger?

Mike: I feel like a broken record. Do you want a piece of hamburger, Everly?

Joanna: So we're just picking our battles tonight.

The TV is on quietly in the background.

We don't mind if Everly and Mia, who are 3 years old, just eat tortilla wraps and cheese.

Okay, some art is happening here.

We've got eyes and eyelashes and a little smile.

And eyes.

It's very creative, Beau.

Beau: Hair.

I made the little hair.

Joanna: That's very cool.

Now you just need to eat and then we'll be all good.

I'm lookin' at those skies and I'm hoping we don't get rained out for our little barbecue this evening. Said it could rain.

Mia: Mommy, can you do it again?

Mike: What color do you want, Everly?

Everly: Red!

Beau: Red.

Mike: Red, Beau?

Joanna: Who wants some dip for your peppers and hummus?

Holden: Me.

Double thumbs up.

Mike: Bite, big bite, crunchy.

Holden: It's crunchy, it's crunchy.

Beau: Is it sour?

Mike: No, it's not sour, you gotta take a bite.

Hummus, hummus.

Holden: Why you say, why are you cheering right now?

Beau: I tried peppers before and I like peppers, but they're just too spicy, pretty sour.

Holden: Aaay, that's good.

Mia: Can I have it?

Joanna: Yeah, is that what you want?

Holden, can you pass Mia a red pepper, please?

Everly: Can I have an orange pepper?

Joanna: Do you want to dip it in hummus, Everly? Or you could even dip this in hummus.

Do you wanna dip this in hummus?

Mike: Take a bite.

Holden: Mommy, it's good.

Are you gonna have some?

Joanna: I am, later with Daddy.

Holden: Can I have dinner with you guys, like 6:30?

Beau: And me?

Joanna: We're gonna have, like, no.

Holden: Can I please be excused?

Mike: Yes, you can.

Mia: Can I go be excused?

Mike: Can you be excused?

Yes, you can be excused.

Everly: May I be excused?

Mike: Yes, you can.

Beau: Can I please be excused?

Mike: Yes, you can.

Mommy, are you gonna ask to be excused?

Joanna: Can I be excused?

Mike: No, I need backup.

What is happening?

Beau: Oh, we watch, what is this

Mike: Nice tucking in your shirt into your shorts.

Holden: This is in.

Are you sure you don't wanna be happy?

Beau: Oh my gosh!

This is so wrong.

This is my first time doing this.

Mike: You guys working off all those calories you just ate?

By being goofballs?

Joanna: Kids are in bed, well, almost. Having one last snack. And Mike's prepping our dinner.

He barbecues and he preps it all, while I tidy up in the kitchen from the kids' meal.

Mike: First we have a gorgeous cheese soufflé.

Joanna: Cheese soufflé?

Mike: I have no idea what that is, I made that up totally.

Joanna: He's cutting up our peppers, then he's gonna grill.

Mike: We're having barbecued chicken breasts and grilled peppers and grilled asparagus and gigantic grilled – these are not gigantic.

Joanna: There are some big ones.

Mike: I've got some gigantic portobello mushrooms on the barbecue.

Joanna: Yes, yes.

And then we pick some basil from our garden and we add that.

So good!

This is partly why I love doing our dinner sometimes later, is just having a nice glass of wine outside while Mike's barbecuing and we just catch up on the day.

Joanna: Dinner is ready and time to dig in. I'm so hungry.

And dinner is done, I'm just doing the dishes.

Gonna probably relax with a show or something and then head up to bed.

If you liked this video, hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe.

And also, if you wanna see more videos from our family, you can head to the link below for our YouTube Channel, Nesting Story.

I'll see you guys soon, bye!

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