Pregnant with 12 babies!

Pregnant with 12 babies!

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What does a fictional story look like? Well, the truth is that what no one had achieved until now, a Tunisian woman did, and could break the record of multiple births if she gives birth to the twelve babies that medical tests confirm that she carries in her womb.

I believe that fertility treatments are turning many women into real rabbits. In vitro fertilization, as well as other assisted reproductive techniques, are producing more and more multiple births. This case of the Tunisian woman is reminiscent of that of the woman from California, USA, who in January gave birth to eight babies and who had also been a product of fertility treatment. The Tunisian woman, before conceiving the 12 babies, had suffered two miscarriages since getting married 2 years ago, and has undergone fertility treatment to get pregnant. According to the future father, in statements to the Moroccan newspaper "Assabah", at first they thought that his wife was going to have twins, although later they discovered that the pregnancy was 12 babies, 6 boys and 6 girls.

According to the doctors who constantly monitor the gestation process of Tunisian women, it is a viable pregnancy, although it carries high risks not only for the life of the mother, but also for the babies, since the chances that they survive are very rare. Despite the risks, the woman declared that she wants a natural birth, but the doctors have already told her that this is impossible. According to statistics, pregnant women with ten or more babies failed to deliver their children alive, and the identity of the woman as well as that of her husband is kept secret. It is only known that the two are teachers, who live in Gafsa, southwest of the capital and that, for the moment, the Tunisian authorities have offered some kind of help to the family that is due to give birth in a few months. I particularly believe that we must pay attention to medicine, but never leave illusions aside. After all, miracles do exist.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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