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Our goal of building a great community of parents on the Internet is already a great reality. Since its founding, our site has sought to provide families with all possible tools so that they could exchange ideas, information and experiences about all issues related to children. In the few months that it has been registered on Facebook, the magazine has managed to gather almost 1,200 friends to date. A great achievement!

Little by little we are creating new ties of information and participation. Currently, more than 80 thousand families are signed up for the magazine's monthly newsletter, and 11 thousand parents have chosen to receive daily updates from our magazine's blog.

Apart from that, our parenting forums have already become a regular meeting point and open debate on many childhood issues. To sign up is very simple, you just have to visit, and sign up for the parent community. Regular Facebook users already know the many advantages of this service. You will receive the news of our site on your home page on Facebook; you will be able to connect with other families and talk about the topics that interest you most; In addition, you have unlimited space for your photos and home videos, and thousands of utilities that we will gradually learn to use. We will wait for you! Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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