UP: An adventure that will leave children breathless

UP: An adventure that will leave children breathless

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My daughter and I went to see the movie in 3D, and we loved it. I recommend that you go see "UP" with your children, nephews, ... I'm sure you will learn a lot about friendship, as well as other important values.

Apart from the visual delicacy and the high technology with which Pixar-Disney always surprise us, the movie is an open treasure where you can find everything: scenes full of humor, scenes "of vertigo", of adventure, of intense emotions , and to "remove the hiccups." The one hundred and four minutes that the film lasts "literally" fly by.

For me, the film is divided into parts, and each one brings a very valuable educational message. The first is about fighting for dreams, for what we believe will add more meaning to our lives. The second, the satisfaction of having made the dream come true, and feeling that others are coming after it. That it is the goals in life that keep us alive, satisfied and happy. Then, the film exalts the camaraderie between the protagonists, and to top it off, Dug, an adorable Labrador retriever, and Kevin, an exotic bird with colored feathers, enter the scene because of its wonderful appearance arouses an incessant interest in science. They become faithful friends with the protagonists who, without measuring effort, fight to protect them, preventing them from being captured and turned into slaves of the evil and evil intentions of the villains in the film. We have left the cinema laughing and with the same feeling of the child and the "grandfather" of the movie, of having lived an adventure. I, in particular, came out convinced that even though the years go by, we can continue to learn a lot with the children, of their unconditional love, their purity, spontaneity, restlessness and mainly of their dreams. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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