Children decide how to travel by plane

Children decide how to travel by plane

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They seek to create a network messenger channel for the coexistence of children on their trip and continue on the ground via the internet, as well as creating children's entertainment spaces on airplanes and in waiting rooms.You cannot deny that a very important factor to decide with which airline you are traveling is the service on board. Adults are not the only travelers, the voice of children counts and their comfort is also essential for parents to travel comfortably, British Airways formed the Kids Council (Council of Children). Its purpose is for a group of children to make proposals to improve air service; This council was made up of twelve children from different countries, chosen by means of a convocation in which they were asked for a letter stating the reasons why they wanted to belong to this council. Its first meeting was held in London on August 8. , the twelve-year-old Mexican Rodrigo Alexander Hernández Ponce is part of this council whose primary objective is not only to improve air service for children, it goes further, seeking a bond of multicultural coexistence in air travel and reinforcing it in their homes and destinations .In my letter I proposed to create a kind of UN (United Nations Organization) for children where you can meet other children and their cultures and exchange e-mails, says Rodrigo. I found out about the British Airways call through a newspaper that my mother showed me on a trip to London and I did not hesitate to participate because there is no better way for companies to improve the service for children and young people than to be advised by their users of these ages.The conclusions reached by the first meeting of the Kids Council is that a network messenger channel must be created for the children to coexist on their journey and that it continues on land via the Internet; Another contribution is the creation of children's entertainment spaces on airplanes and in waiting rooms. Rodrigo says that fun and entertainment for children is important, especially for the tranquility of the parents.The treatment of children on a flight must be better than that of adults, we children are the future of the world and therefore it is important that they take us into account. In British Airways there are already special products for children, children's soft drinks and two basic packages that are given away when traveling, the Sky Flyers; the Junior pack contains a stuffed animal in a backpack and the Senior pack contains a video gamesays the child counselor. Another service that is very entertaining is Hi Live, it is a program of videos and television channels designed for children.Food is very important, specialties for children must be attractive, that is why the children of the Kids Council tasted a wide range of foods, and among jellies, vegetables, juices, pasta, chicken and many other foods they decided the most pleasant menus for children, in this way no one remains unhappy. Another proposal that Rodrigo made in his essay to be elected member of the Kids' Council was a television channel in which children from all over the world report events in their country and thus discover other destinations. Kids Council will have three more semester meetings to later be renewed with new members. British Airways will also launch an online forum so that minors can participate, meet and live together, creating a bond of child travelers never seen before.El Universal / 14.09.07

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